Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Let's just get one thing straight. I have been clinically diagnosed with Gastromania. No, I'm not on fifty Imodium a day and permanently wearing bicycle clips, I am merely obsessed with food. However, rather than seek a cure god forbid I have chosen to share my thoughts, recipes, restaurant reviews etc in the hope that I can find solace in other similarly infected Gastronauts out there. Please note that the recipes provided are my adaptations of the published ones.

Having a catering company, ooh time for a plug. http://www.thecoconutmonkey.co.uk/ ,cooking most days of the week and eating out the rest just isn't enough. I plan holidays around food, days out around food and if I have to go and buy a shirt or pair of jeans, it'll be near a restaurant, gastopub or market that I fancy checking out.

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