Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lazy but Tasty Pasta

There are some days even for me when I just can't be arsed to spend hours and hours in the kitchen, yet still refuse to eat junk. Hence tonight I will be having the easiest pasta dish in the universe. All you need is some linguine, rocket and a fresh pot of antipasti. I usually get a small pot from Tesco which is enough for two. I cram it full with globe artichokes, roasted red and yellow peppers, sun dried tomatoes etc. So, boil the pasta as per normal. Meanwhile chop any large pieces of veg, I like a combo of sizes. Whilst draining the pasta, place veg and all the lovely flavoured olive oil into a pan and warm gently. Return pasta to pan and mix. If sauce is a tad dry you can add a little more olive oil and a squeeze of tomato sauce. Finally, add rocket, toss and serve. There maybe an odd cheat or two here, but it still tastes miles better than some of the shop bought sauces. Cost for two, approx £2 per head.

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