Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sweet Potato & Salmon Fish Cakes

There are some dishes that appear on menus or that I see in supermarkets that despite my fondness for, never seem to satisfy me. Fishcakes is a prime example. Ive had wet ones, dry ones, ones where its debatable whether any fish actually went into its creation and ones where the texture has been more akin to baby food. With Lorraine Pascal currently capturing my culinary heart, I thought that I'd entrust her to provide dinner tonight. Unfortunately she couldn't make it, so I had to use one of her recipes instead from It's very easy, tastes great and has the right combination of textures what with the crisp and crunchy coating and the comforting filling. Basically you poach the salmon and sweet potato in some fish stock until tender. Drain and then mash with paprika, lime juice, chives, seasoning and a beaten egg. This is then rolled in egg and breadcrumbs and in my case baked in the oven. This can be served in a bap with a crunchy lettuce based salad for texture or just some leaves. To add some zing, I made a lemon, pepper and dill mayonnaise. For around £3 per person, this is a great little no nonsense comfort dish that knocks spots off of all of the shop bought fish cakes I have bought in the past.

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