Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is this what you call fusion cusine?

When an Indian invites you over for dinner, you immediately think of home made curries, dals, breads and the smell of Brick Lane. On arrival I must have immediately contracted my friend's husband's man flu as I couldn't smell anything even remotely spicy. Instead I was told that I would be taken on a gastronomic cruise along the Mediterranean, although in what direction I still haven't quite fathomed out.

Canapes were Piquante peppers stuffed with Feta, a pleasant South African / Greek combination and Italian Bread sticks! The presentation was akin to exhibits in the Tate Modern which we are also led to believe are priceless exhibits.

The main course and dessert were based on two recipes from Lorraine Pascal's excellent book.

Cod baked with chorizo, tomatoes and lemon was something that the Moors would have been proud to eat. Everything is cooked together in the roasting tray which allows all of the aromatics to combine beautifully. Served with roasted herb potatoes and char grilled asparagus, this is a simple but tasty supper dish.

Dessert took us further East where we had poached pears in Sauternes with mascarpone, honey and toasted hazelnuts. If you can imagine the smell of Christmas with a touch of North Africa thrown in, this was it.

Whilst down that part of the med, some home made Turkish Mint tea was served up, a bit different to after dinner liqueurs but actually very refreshing on the palate. So overall, a very impressive meal despite the notable absence of any poppadoms!

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