Sunday, 4 December 2011

"May I join you for lunch?"

It wasn't my intention to use this blog to promote the business, but I thought that this little story was funny. On Thursday the CM had a job at a local training facility. It was just to provide lunch for fifteen officers, so we did baked ham, pasta with roasted veg, pomegranate salad (below), hotslaw (below), bread basket and a fruit basket. On laying up, I noticed the sumptuous fayre on offer in the adjacent room, obviously courtesy of the local council's catering arm. There was a lovely array of sandwiches, goujons, balls and anything else you can oven cook from frozen. All served on those lovely plastic trays. This made my food look like Michelin 3 star haute cuisine! Who says that you have to pay for advertising?

The feedback on the event was excellent with all of the food being mullered. Apparently one guy from next door smelt the CM food and asked if he could join the group for lunch as he wasn't impressed with what he'd paid for. Anyway he helped himself, took a business card so its CM 1 The Council 0 !!!!

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