Monday, 18 September 2017

The Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell

If you mentioned Clerkenwell to a serious foodie, their eyes would light up and their stomach do a backward somersault. The choice of venues paying homage to epicureans is obscene with the general standard being very high. The Modern Pantry is based in pretty St John's Square and presents an informal dining room providing an eclectic menu. Being a massive fan of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, I was delighted to see many fusion dishes with little twists here and there. I opted for the highly acclaimed Prawn omelette to start. To be honest, although the flavours and textures worked well, I wasn't overcome, although the smoked chilli sambal was amazing. Meanwhile the sage infused fritters with that classic combo of goats cheese and beetroot rocked. Two glasses of crisp Vermentino matched each dish perfectly.

The mains were far more complex, but everything complimented each other and the dishes were expertly executed. The duck to some may have been a tad rare, but it only quacked once and its gameyness was offset wonderfully by the peach and accompanying vegetables, not to mention a glass of Malbec.  The chicken was soft and succulent, yet hearty too for an Autumn evening.

The atmosphere is very laid back, the service informal and all in all good value for money. 

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