Friday, 16 March 2012

A Taste of Asia Dinner Party

I think it's about time my company got a plug. Last night the remit was to cater a dinner party for eight people, but with finger food. As you may gather, we don't do quiche, sandwiches, crisps or cheese and pineapple. However, with a spot of imagination we did produce some vol-au-vents and other little novelties on a stick!

Anyway, with the help and guidance from one of my associate partners, we came up with the following list of dishes.
Potato, Onion and Spinach Pakoras (India) - Crunchy on the outside, soft and spicy on the inside. Served with homemade tamarind sauce and mint chutney. A real flavour explosion
Lentil Vol-au-vents (Middle East) - Beautifully light pastry with a spicy lentil, spinach and minty yoghurt filling. Great combo of textures and not a prawn in sight.
Paneer Tikka (India) - Delicately spiced soft chewy cheese served on a cocktail stick.
Fishcakes (Thailand) - Fragrant little bundles of fun served with a homemade sweet n sour dipping sauce. The lemon grass and chili sings of Thailand.
Jeera Chicken Boats (India) - Spicy chicken on a bed of mint and yoghurt chutney served on crunchy baby gem lettuce. The cumin and yoghurt work so well together and the leaves give great texture.
Omelette wraps (Thailand) - Soft and spicy with a cheeky little bite to them.

You may think I'm blowing my own trumpet, but my mouth is actually watering writing this piece. Thankfully I made more than was necessary as very little was leftover. Time for seconds :o). If this wets your appetite and you would like to be fed by The Coconut Monkey, then check out


  1. That's an awesome canape menu, nice work!

  2. ...and I just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Come on over to to find out more...