Saturday, 4 February 2012

Open Mushroom Lasagne

One of the benefits of writing a blog like this is that you get to know other foodies and share recipes and ideas. It's a really nice feeling when someone gives positive feedback on a dish you have created, which they have then gone on to make themselves. Tonight, I 'borrowed' a recipe from a fellow blogger so all the credit goes to her. I've attached a link to her blog and the photo is from her creation too as the battery on my camera went (Mine did look better though!)

The philosophy behind such a dish is to take a recipe for carnivores and adapt it for vegetarians. I admit that there is a little work involved and you will make a mess but the end result is well worth it. To use a cauliflower puree as a sauce thickener is inspired and also a great alternative for coeliacs. As the dish is so tasty and filling, even the most hardened meat eaters will surely enjoy it too. In order to avoid copyright and being sued, I actually strayed from the said recipe and used fresh thyme and finished my dish with some truffle oil!

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  1. Thanks for trying one of my recipes and for the feedback, I love the idea of adding truffle oil! So glad you enjoyed it and sorry for all the washing up lol! Shame your camera ran out of battery :( xx