Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Liver and Bacon

Why am I posting such a basic meal you may ask? Well, the answer is because this British classic is full of texture, taste and it's incredibly cheap. As I'm sure some of my overseas viewers will concur, some dishes only need a few ingredients to be good and this is one of them. You can add onions, sage, cabbage etc, but this is the dish in its naked form. It also gives me another excuse to use my griddle pan which gives food that wonderful chargrilled look and flavour. You have the rich earthy taste of the liver, the crispy salty bacon and the smooth mash with a touch of piquancy in it.

You can really use any liver, pork or lamb are fine although if you want to push the boat out there's calves liver but that will blow the budget. I used pork. Then you need some bacon and potatoes to make some nice mash with. I add dijon mustard to mine and always use a ricer to ensure no lumps.

So, peel and cut the potatoes and boil in salted water for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, place the liver in a colander and rinse. Pat dry with kitchen paper. Toss the liver in a little olive oil and some seasoning. Just before the potatoes are cooked, heat the griddle until hot. Cook the liver for 3 minutes on either side and the bacon. Drain the potatoes, put through a ricer or mash and add 20g butter, a good splash of milk and a tablespoon of dijon. Mix thoroughly until smooth and keep warm. Whilst the liver is resting, add gravy to the griddle pan to pick up all those caramelized pieces of meat. To serve, place a pile of mash in the centre of a plate and scatter the liver and bacon on top. Pour over the gravy and tuck in.

For 2 people, this costs about £1.50 each!

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