Thursday, 15 November 2012

Honey & Co : Warren Street

As I've been working 24/8 on my bistro lately, I have rarely eaten out, let alone venture into London. So tonight's cameo appearance was full of expectation and thankfully I wasn't let down.

I'm a big fan of middle eastern food and restaurants that bring traditional dishes from their homelands to mine. Therefore, Honey & Co was an apt choice. The restaurant is quite basic but has lots of quirky touches that transport you to destinations far away. The menu is short, but with everything being freshly prepared and equally as desirable, I still wanted everything.

To start we opted for a couple of salads. Advocado with tabule and pomegranate aroused ones taste buds whilst the quince, mint, honeyed hazelnuts and fresh curd cheese would have actually satisfied me for starter, main course and dessert.

To follow, the Jordanian lamb and rice casserole was both comforting and frustrating because I never wanted it to end. Succulent lamb blended with orange blossom infused rice, saffron yoghurt, almonds and raisins was a triumph. The rare beef with plums, sweet potato and a lemon dressing seemed a curious combination, but the flavours interacted well.

Dessert was amazing in as much as how can a deconstructed cheesecake taste better that a proper one. Answer : Use Kataifi pastry, use feta cheese and throw in some fresh oregano.

The wine list is very small, but this is complemented by some beautiful teas which refresh the palate equally as well. Even after dinner, getting out of the door is a struggle as one's attention is drawn to the mouthwatering array of cakes and homemade jams which at this time of year make useful xmas presents.

The chef Itamar is a top bloke, very passionate about his food, but sticking to his roots at the same time. There are obvious similarities between his cooking and such people as Ottolenghi and Sylvena Rowe, however this restaurant is more about good home cooking, comfort food Israeli style if you like. Casting the food and the chef aside however, the real star of the show is Rachael. She could sell ice cubes to Eskimos she's so nice. Very attentive, friendly and totally conversant with all of the dishes, she was a delightful maitre d.

I will definitely return, but maybe this time I'll bring a good book and stay for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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