Friday, 27 January 2012

Pre-Theatre Dinner @ The Savoy Grill

I have always been sceptical about pre-theatre menus. As a foodie, when going out I'm used to dinner being the main event of the evening. I don't want to be rushed through 2/3 courses of mediocre food as is often the case in some of the restaurants around London's theatreland. I don't want to be halfway through the first act when I'm suddenly caught short. Then again, I don't want to be sitting there wishing for the second half to end as I'm starving and the cast can hear my tummy rumbling from the Royal Circle.

The Savoy is as much of a London landmark as The Thames itself and is actually one of only a few hotels that overlooks it. This was my first visit since it's multi-trillion billion makeover and the results are stunning. I love that modern / art deco design and the hotel just seems to know how to maintain tradition, yet bring it into the 21st century at the same time.

The menu is short and simple, 2 courses @ £20, 3 courses @ £26 with a choice of three dishes for each course. The portions are well balanced and it's not that difficult to manage three courses in roughly an hour and a half. The Beetroot tart with goats curd was light with had good textures and had a delicate sweet and sour blend of flavours. The main was hot smoked salmon served with choucroute and raisins. The fish was beautifully cooked although the raisins should have been reserved for the cakes. Of the desserts, the cinnamon pudding with creme anglaise was as light on it's feet as Wayne Sleep and tasted sublime. The creme brulee was spot on, although I would have preferred a different flavoured sorbet to the redcurrant one provided. As you would expect, the service was impeccable and for 90 minutes you felt like you were back dining with Bogart, Monroe, Sinatra and Chaplin.

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